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Enphase Premier Installer

Enphase Premier installers are dedicate and highly experienced Enphase Product suppliers and supporters.  As Enphase Premier Installers we are dedicated to servicing Enphase Products of all kinds and ages as well as product installed and supplied by others who may no longer be available to service their installations.   

SuretySun has serviced and installed all variations of Enphase products going back as far as the first M175, M190, M210, M215, M215-IG, M250-IG, S-280, C-250, IQ-6/6+, IQ7/7+/7X and are prepared to welcome the newest IQ8 & Ensemble product line. 

WE look forward to assisting all Enphase owners whether they purchased from SuretySun before or not.

SuretySun offers the new Hybrid PV system.

Now taking reservations for:

SuretySun Hybrid Solar PV ….     Keep your power ON!

For the cost of systems by those “TOP NATIONAL SOLAR COMPANIES” we can provide a Hybrid PV system that will run your home during an outage.


For a little more give you complete OFF-GRID secure power.