Energy Storage

Batteries  – 

Battery technology has come a long way, especially the management of battery health.  Lead Acid type batteries have been the main stay for the decades, however  recent advances in energy storage have lead to developments in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) & LiFeMnPO4) technologies.  So, Lithium Ion  (Li-ion, Li-Cobalt, Etc) and Salt Water type technologies have been quickly retired to the archives.


SuretySun has evolved and quickly aligned with the changing advancements in energy storage.

LiFePO4 products offer from 80-100% DOD as well as a long cycle life.  Typically LiFePO4 batteries come with 10 yr or 10,000 cycle warranties, some even offer 25 year warranties.  Paired with a well designed PV system the total package could easily extend the cycle life and years of operation 20-60%.

Smart battery systems like Enphase’s  IQ, Discovery AES & Battle Born Batteries offer the lowest cost of entry into energy storage and independence. Each battery type is upgrade-able as well.  Is you want to start out small and eventually increase the size of your storage we can build the system just for that.  Compared to a Tiered Utility Rate or the large “Brand Name” systems our products offer more flexibility, independence and  autonomous operation.

AC vs DC coupled?  (what does that mean?)

We design both DC  & AC coupled systems base power demands  & your needs.  The arguments for both have some merit, we can explain upon design of your system which one is best and why.  No worries though, either design when sized for independence WILL run your Air Conditioning, normal house loads as well as the refrigerator.

Benefits of LiFePO4, LFP type batteries  over all other types  (Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, Li-ion, Li-Cobalt)

1).   Deepest discharge capability without forgoing life expectancy:  up to 100%

2)   Highest surge power capacity to start the important stuff  like the A/C, heater fan & frig.  ( 48Adc to 130Adc)

3)   Fastest charge rate.  Charge in 1/3 -1/2 the time under normal operation

4)   Partial State of Charge operation without any effect on life expectancy

5)  Longest warranties in the energy storage industry

6)   Economically friendly,  no off gassing concerns, no corrosive acids, zero maintenance

7)    All SuretySun LiFePO4, LFP units come with internal BMS system to self protect against harmful use



                                                     It’s the Dawn of a New Solar Age!