Solar Related Services

Repair & Maintenance Services

  • Solar PV Equipment  warranty support & service for all module & inverter manufacturers
  • Solar PV testing and preventative maintenance ( great for production guaranties)
  • System Troubleshoot and Repair
    • We can determine the warranty issue and trigger the replacement claim
    • We find what’s keeping your Solar from producing the Max and adjust it.
    • Prune or remove trees, palms, repair modules
    • System reconfigure for optimum harvest
  • Solar Array Bird & Critter abatement   
    • Install SolaTrim or metal Critter Shield
      • Critter removal quoted upon inspection
  • Roof & Leak Repair  (full service for Solar related issues)  
    • Decades of experience allow us to handle any leak and full repair.
    • Emergency service (insurance work also)
      • Interior restoration to  completion!
  • Wash Solar PV panels
    • Clean modules produce more power.
    • annual or bi-annual module washing subscription available
  • Monitoring Diagnosis & Repair


We are a Sacramento area based company servicing Reading, Sacramento, Tahoe, Central Valley, Napa & Bay Area Regions